The North London Forest School Nursery

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At The North London Forest School Nursery we provide children of nursery and pre-school age (2 to 5 years old) with outdoor learning and activities throughout the day.


Throughout the year, the children are dropped off at our base at All Hallows' Church - The Undercroft, Savernake Road, NW3 2JP.

During this time, the base serves both as the drop off and the pick up point.

We depart in the morning and conduct Forest School activities and learning in the local outdoor environment.


Lunch is not provided, the children staying for the whole day will bring packed lunch from home.
Morning and afternoon snacks must be sent from home.
We will be out in all types of weather, except for when stormy and gale force winds.

Forest School activities are numerous and should reflect the children's interests and learning styles.

They may vary according to weather conditions, although many activities can be carried out throughout all seasons.


Here are some examples of what the children might be doing.

Learning is linked to the Foundation Stage Curricullum and planned around the children's interests, abilities and needs.


Thorough observations and assessments are carried out and parents play an important role in the children's learning journey.


There is plenty of scope for child initiated and child led learning and play where the adults support and extend the learning.

This is made possible by providing the children with a small ratio of one adult to four or five children.

Rainy weather: Digging mini channels for water, creating mini ponds and mini water dams, sliding down muddy banks, collecting water in containers and measuring, transporting water in a variety of ways, putting up a shelter, investigating permeability and many more.


Snow: investigating freezing and melting, sliding, transporting, making ice and snow sculptures, decorating snow balls with natural materials, comparing sizes of snow balls, making dens, writing in the snow and much more.


Dry weather: collecting, counting and comparing natural materials, classifying natural materials, creating observational drawings, painting, building shelters, investigating forces such as when rolling logs, writing with sticks, cutting wood, creating sculptures with natural materials and clay, planting, climbing and balancing, building up stamina on walks through different terrain and getting involved with a variety of other learning and development opportunities.

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